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for  your interest in Moore County Therapy Services for your therapy needs.


We love being a part of the Moore County community and are proud to have served our home town with personalized Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy for over 25 years!


Our therapists use their extensive training and experience to provide you with personalized care to help you back on the road to a normal life, and they know that it takes a compassionate touch to help you achieve your goals when the road to recovery gets tough.


We want you to know that we care not only for your recovery here, but for you and your family as well; because to us here at Moore County:

YOU matter most.



Physical / Occupational  / Speech


 PhysicalOur Physical Therapists treat individuals who have suffered impairments in mobility or function due to illness or injury.  They develop individualized plans to help their patients perform activities to improve movement in their daily lives and use a wide range of equipment at their disposal to help achieve their patient’s goal.

 OccupationalOur Occupational Therapists treat individuals who have lost some ability to perform functions of their everyday life due to a physical, mental or cognitive disorder. Occupational Therapists focus on treatment that helps to develop, recover or maintain the patients’ daily living and/or work skills so they can return to their daily routine.

 SpeechSpeech-Language Pathologists work to prevent and treat issues specific to speech, language, communication, cognitive-communication, vocal, and swallowing issues in children, adults, and geriatrics. They specialize in the cognitive aspects of communication such as attention, memory, and problem solving






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